Anti-Peeper Key

Anti-Peeper Key 2.0

Prevents email peeping

Anti-Peeper Key is a utility program that can run silently and allows users to use a separate desktop, and switch quickly to the regular one in order to avoid other people from seeing the desktop activity.

It can scan the running programs, and see if there is any unwanted program in Windows that has intention of checking emails when being written.

With this program, users can use a separate virtual desktop where they can use IM, chat, internet browsers, email programs, games, etc. and also switch quickly to another simple desktop if someone approaches to check the PC activity.

Anti-Peeper Key makes the desktop switching process very easy, as the switching is done by a simple hotkey, not by any complex clicking cycle.

It also enables to keep the hidden application completely hidden when desktop is switched. In short, Anti-Peeper Key is the program that can benefit any user who needs to work discreetly at PC, and need to switch desktop quickly if people approach nearby.

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